As the Internet takes over a substantial part of our lives, more and more people are looking into ways to earn money online to increase their financial flux. Many people understand that making money online would be an absolute phenomenon and they wonder If they could just find a manner of making money from their home while being with their family. Whether you are a student, unemployed, a housewife, or employed and just want to earn some extra cash on the side.

To an outsider it doesn’t seem much of a hard-working task, people think day jobs are hard that’s why online working is fantasized so much nowadays. But if you’re just beginning your journey, do not expect to earn a huge amount quickly when using online avenues. 

We’re going to show you specific/realistic ways to start earning money online now, then we have laid down 20 different and effective steps you can take towards earning profit. Some will provide you with immediate results, and can fulfill your utilities. But remember, like any other business your online business venture will also take some time and devotion to grow and get you financially stable.


Whether you‘re a writer, graphic designer, video editor, or an artist, if you’re passionate about your work, freelancing is for you. Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to earn money and is certainly very effective. The Internet has various options. Several websites are offering freelancing tasks varying people’s skillset.

In this line of work, you learn as you earn and develop valuable skills along the way. The best part is you don’t have to worry about being available all the time as a regular job. You take work when you want to. There are numerous freelance jobs out there that require mere skills or just time that someone else may not have.

There are many great easy-to-use freelancing websites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, iWriter, and many more, where you can start your freelancing career. All you have to do is to create an account, browse through the categories, and apply for a suitable task.

Some websites may even require you to create a personal portfolio with the details of your expertise, so that interested clients can contact you directly. Use it as an advantage and be the solution to your client’s problems. So, when they look at your profile they won’t have to go anywhere else.

Google AdSense

When visiting a website or even almost anywhere on the internet, you will come across many ads of different products, things, etc. These ads are run by Google and they are there for a good reason for everybody. People pay google to advertise their services, and google pays its AdSense users according to the traffic their page generates.

If you write a blog, have a website/webpage, YouTube channel, or own an app that has a lot of users or viewers. You can set up a Google AdSense account for free and monetize your webpage. Google monitors your page views, the traffic you generate, and your earnings on your behalf.

Affiliate Marketing

Once you have an up and running web page/site. You should start looking into Affiliate Marketing. What this does is that you partner up with companies or businesses and recommend it to your audience. If you mention their product or service, you link to that product using a unique affiliate link that they provided. Then, every time someone buys something using your link, you’ll get paid.

Online Teaching

If you are good at a particular subject, you can earn by tutoring other people online. If you’re an artist, writer, cook, filmmaker it doesn’t matter, you can teach anything you’re good at.

Nowadays students and adults are willing to take any necessary steps to get professionally ahead. But since many can’t adjust the time within their rigid and demanding schedule, a large chunk of people are giving online learning a chance. You’re learning how to tutor online at the right time. 

One can sign up as an online tutor on websites like Udemy, Tutor, StudentPark, Yondo, and many more. 

Social Media Management

With the addition of engaging with friends, family, strangers. Social Media platforms are also used to run businesses and earn money. It’s a great way to reach and connect with a wider audience to make money. Companies and Popular brands hire social media strategists to run their pages and enhance their brand value. With lots of competition around it’s your job to make their page stand out and up to date. Creative posts and videos etc. get viral these days and attract more people to their brand. Social Media pages need time and effort in order to stay relevant. That’s why it’s important to interact with followers and post regularly.

Content Writing

If you have a knack at writing, online platforms are a good starting point. People get paid depending on the quality of their work. Develop a niche in your area of expertise. With that you should be willing to do work outside your comfort zone, your clients may ask you to work on articles with specific guidelines as well. Delivering high-quality content 100 percent of the time should be your top priority. 

Content Writers work from home and make their schedules. While there are a ton of writing job boards to help you get started, it’s easy to find starter writing jobs on websites like Upwork.

Sell Your Products

You can sell anything online like children’s toys, your handmade dresses, paintings, shoes whatever you make or want to sell. Selling your products online can be very effective and you don’t have to worry about paying rent. For starters, you might want to create a social media page or a website and target the audience relevant to your products. One can increase range and visibility through posting in groups, boosting your posts, advertising your products, and affiliate marketing.

You can sell your products on websites like Daraz, OLX, eBay, Amazon etc. You can also resell products online and make a profit out of it.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are home-based skilled professionals that work remotely with their clients and handle the aspects of their business that they are too busy to handle themselves. A virtual assistant’s job would entail a wide range of jobs like making phone calls, responding emails, scheduling appointments, data entry, graphic design, editing, writing, event planning, and social media management, etc.

If you’ve good communicating & organizing skills you can have a go at being a virtual assistant. A degree and some qualification is required at times but can be overlooked if you’re a social media expert and prove yourself to the client. You can also take some free online courses on being a virtual assistant to help your CV. You can sign up on websites such as 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Assistant Match, Virtalent, and others.


If you are enthusiastic about writing you can start a Blogging page, where you can share your stories, advice, learnings, and emotions with the world. Initially, it takes some time to earn from blogging but to make a living from blogging, you got to stay consistent with it.

You don’t have to be a tech nerd to start your online journey, just share your experiences, and be entertaining. You may monetize your blogs through advertisements, product reviews, and so on.


Podcasts are just like blogging but they are audio-only. If blogging sounds fun to you but you don’t want to write then record your experiences. Podcasts are a very trending topic at the moment. People listen to podcasts while going on with their everyday lives. It’s a great opportunity to reach a large audience.

You need to develop a niche that defines you and has a demand for. The Podcast market is looking for something new and unique. Create some quality content and now is the best time to start.

YouTube Channel

If you have a funny personality, are creative, an artist, teacher or anything that you’re good at you can start a YouTube channel. Grab a camera, record, and upload videos and start monetizing them. Your earnings on YouTube are based on every thousand views you get. 

YouTube is an amazing platform. The key to succeeding on YouTube is being unique and creative with your videos. Those are the videos that get viral the most and attract people to your channel. One can also create a name for himself on YouTube then also earn from sponsorship and brand deals. Many people have made a living off YouTube and are pursuing it as a career.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing has become a popular profession among freelancers and IT professionals. A lot of people are learning this skill because this field has great scope. It’s a profession well suited for freelancing if you have the talent for it. There are many companies and websites that hire graphic designers to work for them. And they pay well.

Even, If you’re not familiar with graphic designing, watch YouTube tutorials and learn. Nowadays graphic designing is needed almost everywhere like logos, designing ads, illustration and not a lot of people can do it. So, if you’re even a beginner it can get you started on your course to earn money.

Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is considered one of the world’s largest marketplaces for people to make money selling their services, no matter how big or small. They let you offer any kind of services of your expertise and earn from it, like writing, translating, photo editing, making songs, teaching, and everything. Once you scroll through their interface you may find a lot of ideas helpful for you to get started. It is the best place designed to work from home, which is completely free and can get you earning money without any investment.

Data Entry

It is one of the simplest jobs out there. There’s no requirement of special skills. All one needs is a computer and an Internet connection, fast typing skills, and a mind attentive to details and you can start earning by entering data for companies online. You can find many data entry jobs on Indeed, Upwork, and other freelancing sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the coding to get your website visibility up in the search results. Every search engine gives results based on certain keywords and phrases of the search query typed in the box and the most relevant result appears on the top. 

SEO professionals help to optimize the website pages with the most searched keywords and key phrases to ensure maximum visibility of the website.

You can earn money by writing SEO content which is written to attract search engine traffic.

VFX and Animation

Visual Effects has empowered its way into the entertainment industry. It is a demanding skill. If you’re just beginning and passionate about this field, you can take online tutorials to get your mind through. It’s a difficult job and not many are capable of doing it, that’s why people are willing to pay good money for Visual Effects projects. When your skills are top-notch you can also make it in the film industry as an Animation or VFX artist. You can start by searching for jobs on freelancing sites.

Language Translating

Knowing a language other than English can assist you a lot and this time it may even help you earn some extra cash. Several websites offer translation projects that require translating a document or something from one language to another. This may include Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, or any other language other than from English.

These tasks are often rather long and time-consuming and therefore individuals hire translators available online from anywhere across the world. Several websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, and others offer you a platform to be a professional translator.

Online Courses

You are good at something, but don’t feel being available all the time for teaching. Online Courses might just be your cup of tea. You can record a one-time full specified course in the area of your expertise, then sell on the internet. Depending on the quality of your content, people are willing to pay more to get personally coached by you, or you can also charge people a monthly subscription to get access to all your content. Start by selling courses at sites like Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, and the list goes on. 


Online consultancies are among the most profitable online businesses. Consulting consists of providing expert advice to your clients in a professional setting. It’s a profession that can take many forms, from advertising to taxes. 

Your job is to look at a problem from a different point of view and use your knowledge to provide clients with solutions, the right motivation, and feedback.

It’s a job that provides you your freedom, being your boss. Your job is to simply teach others what you know. You don’t even need to offer your services in person now that online video coaching is growing in popularity. The consulting sector is one of the world’s greatest markets within the professional services industry, with a value of $250 billion in total.

Signing up to platforms like LinkedIn or posting regularly on a blog will help you grow your audience and appear more reliable.

Online Surveys & Reviews

This is a quick and one of the most common methods of earning money online. Many companies pay internet users for their views on their products or services. If you’re looking for an entertaining method to make money online, register with a trustworthy website, and go ahead.

However, we highly recommend this to be the last way of earning money because it is tough searching for the right websites that pay you for taking surveys with so many scams involved with paid surveys. The most important watch out in such projects is to keep a distance from websites offering money that seems too good to be true.

These are the 20 best ways to start earning money online in 2020.

Which one you are going to try first, tell us in below comments. Also if you have another way in your mind you can suggest us to..

Happy earning…!