Emails present one of the best methods of communications in today’s age of technology. It is not only fast and cheap; it is also easily accessible to everyone. You can make use of emails in your business to significant effect. You can transmit all kinds of data with extreme efficiency.

That is why most experts in digital marketing agree that email is an essential part of the field.

According to an estimate, there are more than 3.9 billion email users in the world, with more than 5.6 billion active accounts. In the United States alone, almost 76% of people actively use emails for different purposes.

The use of emails is actively increasing with every passing day. Many entrepreneurs and organizations are taking advantage of this enormous opportunity to make money.

You must have guessed how vital email marketing is. Keeping that in mind, in this article you will learn how to;

  • Earn money with unprecedented ease through your email list
  • Keep your subscribers engaged and paying
  • Build meaningful and long lasting relationships with clients
  • Create personalized messages that will net you big bucks

Let’s dive into more details! 

  • Present a handsome ad of your service on thank you page of the opt-in

Remember, if people opt-in for your offer, it means they have an interest in your brand. Here, you have the option of turning these mere subscribers into paying customers right away by making a special thank you page.

Do not make an obnoxious ad that will annoy the visitors. Make a short handsome advert exalting the virtues of your products or services. Add glowing testimonials and reviews. You may even offer special deals to the user who purchases right away. Add slogans like, ‘one-time deal’, ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, etc.

  • Write an effective email

The best email for marketing is the one which attracts attention. One of the better ways of attracting a reader’s attention is through storytelling. Storied content is 22 times catchier than dry promotional content. Try to compose your emails as stories.

Here’s how you do it;

  • Write an introduction that is nice and appealing to the audience.
  • Convince readers that the idea behind your product is vital for them to acquire.
  • The second line must contain certain catchy details of the product itself.
  • Write awesome benefits of your product and how cool it is.
  • Connect the aforementioned benefits to the product description with a transition sentence.

Let the readers know how to buy these products.

Avoid writing a super long story. Personalise the content to avoid generalisation. Ask for further advice from expert content writers for more information. 

  • Offer sporadic promotions

‘Flash sales’, ‘promotion offers’, ‘special deals’, ‘discounts’, ‘coupons’ are some of the terms that attract clients like moths to a flame. Spend some effort to circulate the news of special deals on select days during select hours. Make sure to spread the word in all relevant circles of your niche.

Leverage the interest of potential clients and make instant money. A slight lowering of your profit margins will more than make up for it through the sheer number of sales.

Make sure not to give too many promotions. Reserve them for special occasions. Something only remains special as long as it is in a rarity. If you offer too many, it may give the people a bad vibe.

  • Run segmented campaigns

Segmentation is a marketing strategy that helps deliver more relevant email to subscribers. The subscribers are divided into segments based on their geography, interests, purchase history, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and many more factors.

Segmentation analysis lets you know who the actual buying customers are and who is merely surfing. Running a segmented campaign, you can target only the users who are likely to make purchases. This strategy not only increases the click-throughs but also encourages engagements with the subscribers.

  • Adopt a tripwire marketing strategy

Tripwire marketing is a strategy that allows you to offer leads through low-cost products or services. The intent behind this is to sell the clients more expensive services later.

Tripwire strategy also allows you to separate the clients into different segments. You may use the data gained through this method to make a more targeted campaign and upsell your services.

According to the Digital Marketer, the customers who respond positively to the tripwires are 10 times more likely to make later purchases.

  • Engage in an effective up-selling strategy

Upselling is one of the more popular digital marketing strategies. A brilliant method for upselling allows you to persuade a client to purchase something additional or more costly. You can offer more expensive items, add-one or upgrades with the smaller purchase.

This strategy is applicable in almost every niche industry. Use smart tactics and offer additional services for small increments in the prices. Make your offers irresistible, and you have got yourself a lot of potential clients.

  • Down sell to retain your client

Many clients try to back out of a purchase. Their reasons for backing out are irrelevant, and you must make an effort to ensure they do not close your website unless they make a purchase, no matter how minor the purchase might be. This is called down-selling.

You may offer special discounts, once in lifetime offers, and exclusive deals to retain their interest. Offer similar products to what they originally wanted to purchase, but of the far cheaper variety. Let your visitors know that you have far better offers than they have seen so far.

  • Cross-sell to existing clients

It is one of the most useful methods of marketing. Cross-selling allows you to sell additional services or products to an established and secure client base. You can show them a great deal or different products that may complement the earlier purchase.

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce giants, reports that almost 35% of its revenue generates from cross-selling. This strategy takes advantage of the point that your client is already in a state of making a purchase. This frame of mind may be exploited to sell them more.

  • Pushing to pick up an abandoned shopping cart

Many prospective clients abandon a shopping cart before finalizing the sale. This is a problem for many online retailers. In such cases, your job is to send a series of emails and convince the clients to complete the sales.

Most online retailers have an automated response email for saying “Thank You” or “Welcome”. You can also design an email response that prompts your clients to pick up the abandoned cart. SmartPak Equine is an online retailer that has a 50% conversion rate among subscribers who respond positively to an email campaign. They also earn 4.80$ per email on average. With creative work, you may yet surpass them.

  • Create premium content for paid subscribers

This is one of the most basic principles of marketing, ‘people want to feel special’. One of the ways you can initiate this feeling is by offering unique content that uses words like ‘premium’, ‘special’, ‘exclusive’, etc. You can charge a particular sum for access to this content. Even a small subscription fee for weekly, monthly, yearly, or one-time access will help generate a lot of revenue later-on.

  • Hold coaching sessions

Offering coaching or consulting services to a list of email subscribers is a great way to earn money. You do not even need a very long subscriber list for this service. You may make as much as $100,000 through coaching services.

  • Deliver impressive webinars

When planning for a webinar, send an invitation through email to your contact list. According to an estimate, more than 80% of all signups come from email list subscribers.

  • Engage in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method to generate money when you have no products or services of your own. You can find many companies or brands that will pay you for your help in generating sales through digital marketing.

Generating revenue from affiliate marketing is a simple process. You must find a brand or a company in your niche, which offers an affiliate program. Sign up for them and advertise the products or services that your audience is likely to buy.

Following are a few popular affiliate programs that you may attach yourself to;

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay
  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate

You must continuously analyze and improve activities to increase revenue. Analysis of key email metrics may help you monitor the performance of your marketing campaign.

  • Rent or sell your contact list

Admittedly, this is not the most efficient method of generating revenue through your email list; however, it is the easiest and the quickest. Many businesses and brands are always looking out for authentic subscribers. You can rent or sell your email contact list to the appropriate niche market.

Do not forget that this act may disenchant some of your subscribers and lead them to complaints or even unsubscribe. Moreover, you may have to also worry about any legal ramifications.

  • Charge for ads through your email newsletter

You can sell a small space in your newsletter for ads. This strategy is only profitable if you have an extensive enough subscribers’ list. You can even add a few lines as a review of the product and add a link to the brand’s page.

This method is lucrative for earning big bucks. But first, you need to build a list and keep them interested.

  • Increase the number of your subscribers

This step is not only common sense but also excellent advice. The money doesn’t come pouring in right away. All strategies are dependent upon the quantity and quality of your subscribers. You will earn more money, the more subscribers you have.

There are many ways to increase the number of your subscribers; however, the best of them involve having a solid business foundation.

Be sure of your products/services and present them in a way your visitors will want to know more. Offer a free subscription with minimal input from the user. Bring out your charm and offer your services without annoying the user.


Making money through your email contact list is not particularly hard. Promotion through email is more important than a website or social media marketing. The main reason behind such effectiveness is because an email is sure to reach your subscribers. People may not pay much attention to social media or pop-up ads. However, they do check their emails several times a day.

This market has an incredible potential for earnings if you get the hang of it.

Now that you have learned different ways of making money through your email list, please let us know which method works the best for you.

If you have any other method that works the same or better than the ones mentioned above, please let us know in the comments below.