There’s nothing worse than spending momey at the local multiplex to see a movie that totally sucks. The movie theater sure isn’t going to give you a refund.

And yea, it pays to read a couple of reviews by professional movie watchers.

That’s why I usually rely on friends’ recommendations and read few reviews of any movie I want to watch so I know what I’m getting before the endless trailers even start running.

I normally pay to watch on the movies have 7+ ratings and this simple trick always work for me.

Below are list of sites that I normally use to read the reviews/ratings of a specific movie:

  • Rotten Tomatoes


It’s amazing how much money this one site has saved me. I missed all those so called blockbusters that failed to live up to expectations but still had them lining up at my local theater complex.

I like Rotten Tomatoes for a couple of reasons. First, there’s always some good gossip and I’m a sucker for good Hollywood dirt. I also like this site because they list gross earnings figures for flicks. So what?

Well, I don’t always follow the crowd so if I see a big name movie is raking in millions and millions, I’ll read at least one more review and ask friends for their opinions before I pay the price of admission.

Also, the reviewers on RottenTomatoes are pretty brutal sometimes, which always makes for fun reading.

  • Internet Movie Database (IMDb)


Cool site for watching trailers to see if this is something worth spending money on or a definite pass.

I also get the top grossers of the day, a slew of information on opening dates for movies I have on my must watch list (which seems to be growing longer; I gotta get out more) and there’s an extensive database of reviews of older releases.

For this reason, I always check IMDb before I pay for a DVD rental or a digital on demand fee for some flick that’s five years old. Another money saver.

  • Metacritic


Metacritic is a one stop review shop for all kinds of media including movies (of course) but also TV shows, console games (a real money saver when you consider that an Xbox game can set you back $60), music and other fun stuff.

Unlike a lot of other movie review sites, Metacritic actually collects reviews from lots of other review sites all in one place. So, I load Metacritic into my RSS reader and I’m caught up on all new releases, from the latest RPG to just plain PGs, as in movies.

This site’s a time saver when I need a quick review before running out for dinner and a movie with friends. I know what I’m getting myself in for – another Hugh Grant chick-flick? I hope not.

  • Pluggedin


Pluggedin is kind of edgy in its tone. I like that. The reviewers cut through the hype and just give me the information I need to know.

It’s also another one stop review shop covering games, TV shows worth watching, music, DVDs and movies that are currently running. And while pluggedin doesn’t have the extensive database of reviews you’ll find on other sites, these guys don’t pull any punches. If it’s a stink a roo, they tell you it’s a stink a roo. No doubts.

  • Badmovies


Sometimes I like watching cringe worthy movies. Bad acting, plot holes you can drive a truck through, wooden acting that makes Clint Eastwood look like Robin Williams. Now, I won’t spend ten bucks to see these clunkers in the cineplex, but I will watch them when they make it to my watch list.

And I watch. And laugh. And cringe.

But there’s something else I like about Badmovies. They strip away the veneer of hype that surrounds so called big movies and tell it like it really is. You know, some movies get caught up in a tidal wave of hype with one reviewer after another gushing over how great the new release is.

Badmovies will find the bad parts even in good movies – the critics’ darlings. It’s fun reading and it’ll reconfigure your must watch list just like it does mine.

See ya at the movies.