With a record number of Google searches taking place, there’s never been a better time to go through all your SEO techniques and look for better ways on how you could improve them. Luckily, this is not such a complicated process. While most people think about creating new personal goals, you should know that it’s also important to make new business goals too!

Here, I will discuss some of the exciting and straightforward techniques to increase traffic to your website. Remember that a perfect SEO presence boosts your blog’s value, authority and ranking. So, which are some of the most attractive and beneficial methods?

Here are some of the top tips for growing your business online:

Always Try To Add Value!

Yes, the term might sound simple, but it’s essential that you always generate fantastic content. It should also maintain its level of relevance for the readers and be ‘evergreen’ wherever possible. The crucial point to note here is that it’s not always about writing top quality content. Instead, engaging with your audience is the next essential pillar.

If you’re looking for easy tips to create more value for your content, take a look at some these methods below:

  • Go through your current content and most read topics
  • Get to know your audience to find the issues that affect them- and help to solve them
  • If you can expand your niche area, then go ahead! However, it should still be popular among your target audience.

Controlling The Whole Browsing Experience

User experience is crucial for Search Engine Optimization. In this case, it’s wise to test the manner in which it affects your readers. The user experience begins even before they visit your blog. In fact, 93% of online experience starts with a simple search. Also as we know Google is going to release a big udpate on Page Expericne (Core Web Vitals) in the mid of June, 2021, so you can think how important the user experience is.

Here, some of the things you need to look at include:

  • Testing your website’s links and fixing the broken ones to reduce duplicate content or error pages. For that you can use the website crawiling software named Webbee SEO Spider, it’s free to download and use.
  • Your blog content should be attractive for both the search engines and users. Keep in mind that readability is an issue that needs close attention!
  • Navigation entails assisting the user in browsing through the website pages with ease. From the structure of the menu to that of the links within the text, even a slight detail may affect your user experience
  • The speed of the page is essential, so remember to test it regularly. Of course, your site is bound to get slower at one point or another. Things such as additional scripts and large images are the likely reasons for such an unpleasant occurrence for your users

The Power of Social Media

Google keeps telling the SEO community that social media has little impact when it comes to improving search rankings. Well, we continue proving Google wrong. Social media signals can increase your company’s website ranking with its clientele and other Search Engine Optimization marketers. So, how can you use the tools of social media to boost your SEO?

  • Produce SEO-friendly, high-quality content
  • Make use of tools such as Buzzsumo to get authority social media accounts in your field
  • Compliment their content, their brand, and ask if they could take a look at some of your latest projects. If they love it, then encourage them to pass it through to their audience
  • Ensure that in all their social media posts they put an explicit URL to your project
  • Quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to have a share from just five high-quality Twitter accounts than from over fifty poor-quality ones.

Visual Content Optimization

Nowadays, visual content is a famous blogging technique that can be used to supplement text. It might even go ahead and replace it but most importantly, it dramatically affects SEO. Learning how to use visual content is not challenging, and once you learn how to use it, it takes lesser time to increase the ranking of your site.

Here are some few tips to put you in the right direction:

  • Think about your titles carefully
  • Don’t forget to include your metadata, keywords and alt text
  • Pay close attention to the size of your files
  • Have a good video transcript to make search engines find your visual content quickly
  • You can even host the video on your site and not just on YouTube
  • Always try to be as unique as possible, and make your blog’s visual content easily shareable.

Concentrate On Topic Depth

Having several links to increase your ranking in Google is now an ‘old school’ type of practice. Nowadays, getting a high ranking on Google depends not only the number of backlinks but also the content quality and length.

Brian Dean analysed 912M blog posts with the help of his data partner Buzzsumo and he shared some interesting stats:

  • Long content gets 77.2% more backlinks as comapred to short content
  • Longer content also gets more shares as compared to shorter contetnt

So, it’s clear you need to focus on in-depth content but it doesn’t mean that you need to increase the words count only, instead you need to write the well researched and in-depth content that fulfill all the reader requirements.

Main goal should be to satisfy the readers, this simple stratgy can directly improve your website/blog traffic.

Always Update Your Online Footprint

Your online presence does wonders for your site. However, the problem is that most of us often forget how a good online print may cover those platforms that we tried out in the past and then later abandoned. Yes, it is a good idea to experiment using brand new areas to improve your presence. You only need to make sure that you keep updating them even if you’re not using them.

Let’s say you own a page on Google+ but for some reason, you’ve stopped using it, or you keep forgetting to post. In such cases, you should be asking yourself one fundamental question. Is the information accurate enough to assist users in learning more about your company?

To help you in updating your online footprint, we’ve discovered a simple method. All you have to do is to come up with a simple spreadsheet that takes care of your entire online presence. After a month, you can then check if the data is fully updated.


Acknowledging the above reasons, you can see that increasing traffic to your blog through SEO is not a stressful experience. Keep in mind that the internet keeps changing and the methods we used one year ago are not the same one’s existing today, or that will exist a year from now.

Have you been struggling with boosting your website’s ranking? These proven, modern day tips can give your site a good kick!