There are a lot of things today’s business owners needs to take into consideration. With one of the most difficult areas being security, business security is a minefield which is rather ironic when you think about it. But one of the most problematic security concerns of any business is access control, which has led to access control security companies experiencing a sharp rise in popularity.

If you’re reading this thinking “what is access control” or you only have some idea of what it is, then don’t worry you are not alone. One of the biggest concerns about access control is that many businesses simply don’t focus on it as much as they should. So, let’s get right down to it and look at what access control actually is.

What Is Access Control?

While you might not know it by its official title what exactly access control is might become clearer when I explain it. So, access control at the most basic level is a system designed to prevent people from accessing internal systems.

Now internal systems can mean many things it could be your computer databases or restricted areas like staff or storage rooms you use. With access control systems you are essentially controlling who has access to what parts of your business, hence the name access control.

So, when you look at it like that access control seems relatively simple and straightforward doesn’t it? And it can be, in some businesses you might only need a very simple access control system in place but for others, you might need something a little more complex and it’s not unusual to see multiple access control systems in place.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are the preventative measures you put in place to prevent people from accessing the areas/ systems they shouldn’t. As mentioned previously these can take many different forms let’s look at some examples below:

Locks and Keys

Probably the simplest access control system in operation, locks, and keys might seem simple and easy but they can take many forms. A key card or electronic locking mechanism is going to be more complex than a simple deadbolt isn’t it?

For many of today’s businesses a simple lock and regular key isn’t going to cut it anymore, that technology is old and as such, there is now a lot of ways it can be compromised. Which is why opting for a more complex electronic system is usually the ideal choice for businesses today.

Access Cards

I touched upon these briefly in the previous section, access cards are the most common name given to the more modern, advanced access system in use today. This system most commonly uses a server and database and will log everyone’s movement when they enter specific areas or use certain pieces of equipment.

There is a lot of scope to these access control systems and they can be set-up to work in a wide variety of ways. However, setting up your own and maintaining it can be difficult and expensive, so many businesses opt to use access control security companies instead.

Security Guards

Security guards aren’t an access control system in the traditional sense but in many ways, they work in tandem with them. Security guards can monitor access points to ensure no one either purposely or accidentally gains access to a place they shouldn’t.

Security guards will also be better able to spot anyone acting suspicious and stop any potential threats. So, while they might not be an access system in the traditional sense security guards do so support them and ensure they are kept secure.

Should You Set-Up Your Own Access Control System?

Having some sort of access control system in place is essential to ensure your business premise and employees are safe and secure. Even if it’s just ensuring the doors stay locked and having a CCTV system set-up to monitor the area.

However, for many businesses today a more advanced access control system will be needed and while it’s perfectly possible to set-up your own system it is challenging. One of the first issues many businesses will face is not knowing what exactly they will need to set-up.

With so much variety knowing what systems will actually benefit your business isn’t always easy. You could easily end up implementing an ill-fitting system that doesn’t offer the level of protection your business needs.

Setting up an access control system on your own can also be a very time-consuming process which is why many people opt to enlist the services of access control security companies. These companies offer many benefits and will work quickly to set-up the best access control security system for your business.

The Benefits of Using An Access Control Security Company

Enlisting the aid of an access control security company will get you expert help and assistance when it comes to setting up your business’s security system. They’ll be able to tell you what system is best for your business and then get to work setting everything up.

This will include installing new locking systems, setting up your server and configuring any software. Using an access control security company will allow you to get your business premise safe and secure quickly and they’ll be no risk of mistakes because you’ll be working with experienced professionals.

Best of all many access control security companies will also provide additional support after the system is set-up. And many can also provide security guards as well, so you can cover all risks and make sure your business premise is safe.

Proper access control is essential to the smooth running of any business, no matter the size or industry you’ll need an access control security system in place. And by going to a professional access control security company you can ensure any system you set-up fully covers everything it needs to.

There are so many security risks to businesses these days and a simple lock and key likely isn’t going to be enough to protect you. So, call in the professionals to get a high-quality access control security system set-up.